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About This Project

  • The intent of Vanishing Feast is to bridge the gap between society today and the history and tradition of heirloom gardening. The focus will be on food sources that are endangered, and specifically on fruits and vegetables, and bring awarness to the tradition of seeds and or plants as family heirlooms. In the last 50-75 years there has been a remarkable shift into a suburbian and big box lifestyle. The subdivisons that have replaced farms, and the large supermarkets and big box retailing model have created a gap that has engulfed may local lifestyles and traditions, including the tradition of seeds particularly as family heirlooms. With a focus on this tradition of seeds and plants as heirlooms, and my own example as guide, Vanishing Feast will demonstrate how to reclaim this tradition as your own. In the process of doing so, not only will endangered food sources be kept by disappearing, a legacy will be created that will allow thr common experience of taste, texture and aroma to be shared across generations. While you may never know your future relatives, they will something about you. That you helped keep a tradition alive, while sharing the delights of your senses and soul.
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